Sunday, October 6, 2013

365 Days of Toddler Style: Day 7-15

I haven't given up! I just haven't had the chance to sit and get on the blog. So here is a dump of posts with the little girl's outfits for days 7-15.

Day7: My baking help
 Fedora: Target
 Shirt: Target
 Leggings: "hand-me" downs
 Shoes: Target (she needs new shoes, right?)

Day 8:
 Shirt: Target
 Shorts: Target (Obviously we love Target)
 Scarf I was in the process of making her: from an old t-shirt of mine.
She was crying because she got frustrated trying to put a hat on.

Day 9: 
 Shirt: gift (I believe from Walmart)
 Skirt: Pick Your Plum

Day 10: This has got to be one of my favorite outfits. She calls these her "running clothes". She loves to be just like me. :)
 Headband: one of her mama's
 Shirt: gift (I believe it's from Walmart)
 Skirt: She loves wearing stuff days in a row :)

Day 11:
 Shirt: Target
 Leggings that are too small: Walmart

Day 12: This was the best picture I got of her, ha. She doesn't always like the camera.
 Sweater: Old Navy
 St. Patrick's Day dress: Walmart
 4th of July skirt: Walmart
 Socks and shoes: Target

I love her eyes!
 Day 13: The one and only picture I got of her this day.
  Jacket: Down East Basics (gift)

 Day 14: I love her colorful outfits!
 Beanie: made by a friend (here)
 Shirt: Target
 Skirt: Pick Your Plum

Day 15:
 Shirt: Target
 Leggings: "Hand-me" down

Saturday, October 5, 2013

365 Days of Toddler Style: Day 6

She's thrilled to have her picture taken.

To answer your question, no, no it's not yet cold here. She was making me sweat looking at her dressed so warmly. I tried telling her it was too hot for a sweater, but she did not care. Later in the day we went to the grocery store, and she actually switched the hat for a beanie! Crazy girl.

Fedora: Target
Sweatshirt: Old Navy
Tank top: Down East
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Target

Here's a closeup of her shoes. She loves shoes. They're only a few weeks old and already looking pretty worn.

And here is a picture of her tank top she had on underneath her sweater. I love it, but she's getting too tall for it.

Friday, October 4, 2013

365 Days of Toddler Style: Day 5

My kiddos love being outside. I think they could stay all day at the park, well E could at least.

I attempted to French braid her hair today.

I love her patriotic choice today. Other than the brown socks, I would say she did alright again today! Lots of polka dot looking patterns going on, but she pulls it off with her cute smile.

Onesie (that's right, she still has 1 onesie she wears): Costco
Ruffle Skirt: gift for Independence Day, I believe from Walmart
Socks and shoes: Target

365 Days of Toddler Style: Day 4

Didn't get my post up yesterday! But I did take the picture. It was a lovely morning at the park! I absolutely love this time of year. All summer long we have been going bright and early to the park to beat the heat, but it was still pretty warm. Now when we go, still early because my kids are early birds, it feels wonderful. Best Fall weather around.

I actually was pleased to see what E
 picked out yesterday. Other than the bright red socks and shoes, I think she did well. A little belt would've really helped to seal the deal. I especially love the jeggings on this girl (picked out by her daddy).

Dress (that is now too short but she loves to still wear it): gift for St Patrick's day, I believe it's from Walmart
Jeggings: Target
Socks and Shoes: Target

Sorry about the noise (graininess) in the pictures. I've been trying to improve my skills and didn't realize how grainy they looked till I got home.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

365 Days of Toddler Style: Day 3

Sorry for the poor lighting, busy busy day.
The day almost escaped before I could sneak a picture in. This is probably one of Ellie's favorite outfits. Pink and purple, her favorite colors, and a skirt. She loves skirts, because then she is a princess. She also loves her red polka dot shoes.

Shirt: Target
Bubble Skirt: Target
Shoes: Target
Necklace: ribbon with a bell (She actually loves this necklace. I threw it together for her last Christmas while I was decorating for the holidays, to keep her out of my decorations.)

And I have to sneak in a picture of her brother, because he is a prime example of baby fashion done right, right?? Polo and a diaper. He's rocking it.

I'm totally kidding and really need to dress my baby up.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

365 Days of Toddler Style: Day 2

Accessorizing. That's the word for today. As with the long sleeve shirts, Miss E will wear a beanie any time of year.
Today's outfit, shirt and shorts, was actually chosen by yours truly (we were running low on selection of clothes in the drawer). But Ellie picked out all of her accessories. She loves to accessorize.

Shirt: Target
Shorts: Target
Shoes: Target
Beanie: made by a friend
Necklace: Made by E in baby school (more to come on that)
Bracelet: gift from a friend

Also, today's photo shoot involved Ellie's shadow, aka her little brother. These two make me laugh!
He loves grabbing at his sister and taking her things. Pay back for her sitting on him.

Monday, September 30, 2013

365 Days of Toddler Style: Day 1

I have a very funny toddler. I'm sure all parents do, because kids are just funny. Well my daughter loves clothes (she said so herself just the other day, and I thought to myself, "Oh dear, we better lock up our wallets"). And every morning as soon as she wakes up, gives me my hug and kiss, she says, "Mommy change my clothes." I then try to suggest something for her to wear, she turns it down and peruses through her clothes and picks out her own outfit.
A little glimpse of previous outfits
And sometimes I win on the outfit choice because she gets dirty.
At first it bugged me that her clothes never matched and were quite colorful. Now, that I've decided it's not a battle I want to have every day, I get a kick out of seeing what she will chose to wear and try to get a daily picture. Hence, this blog series came about, which is also inspired by the types of blogs where they document their daily outfits (such as this one or this one). And hopefully over the next year we'll see some growth in what she learns to pick out to wear.

DAY 1:

Color matching. What can I say, at least she knows her colors, right? And it does not matter the temperature outside, she will wear long sleeve if she so chooses (yes, even if it's 100 degrees).

Shirt: Target
Skirt: Target
Sandals: Old Navy

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Play Group

Wow, blogging neglect. Then again, I've never been very good at blogging to begin with. But we'll give it another shot.

Little E is 2! I can't believe it half the time when I look at her, and hear her say things like, "But why mom?" (Isn't 2 too young to already be starting the "why" stage?) Anyway, some ladies in my neighborhood with their own two year olds started a mommy and me play group and invited us to be a part of it. It's just once a week for an hour. We sing a song or two, read a book, do a craft, have snack, and of course play with toys. Really I think these kids would be completely content just playing with the toys, but it's nice to have some structure of a preschool type to introduce the idea to them.

playing with toys at one of the houses (she loves doll houses)
We rotate homes every week between the 4 of us, and today was our turn to have the group over. And here is how it went.

I decided what I was going to do last week. I got the idea from here. We were going to make paper plate monster faces. I went to the store on Saturday and last night to get supplies. I cut out some shapes late last night as the Mr and I watched a movie. This morning I decide to test out the styrofoam plates (don't use styrofoam plates) we bought and make a monster face. The pieces were taking forever to dry and with toddlers I didn't know how well that would go over. So I decided to change my idea about an hour or 2 before play group. I stress myself out way too easily and over the most ridiculous things. Last night my husband says, "I think you're worrying way too much what 2 year olds will think." So true. Why was I stressing about a simple play group?

Well, my backup activity, also from that same site turned out just fine, and probably even better for these kids who just wanted to play. Little E would not do the activity. We did paint footprints and turned them into monsters. At first none of the kids wanted to do it, finally they all gave in, and made 2 each because they liked it! Woo, success. We played "Pin the Arm on the Monster", and they all wanted to do that multiple times too. Little E wouldn't do that either. But I think it was a successful activity overall. I did read too long of a book, I learned my lesson. :) And baby J broke my pearl necklace and sent pearls all over the floor (good thing it was a fake, sadly I can't go back to Japan and buy another fake).

Pin the Arm on the Monster
Once everyone left I was ready for a nap. It may have also been due to the fact I didn't get to bed till midnight and woke at 6, with one wakening in between. But my goal for the next play groups I'm in charge of: STRESS LESS, PLAY MORE.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

There is Beauty All Around

So I try, emphasis on try, to do some kind of school type activity with Ellie every day. Monday is a color, letter or number for the week; Tuesday is our science day; Wednesday our emphasis on reading and art day; Thursday is history day; and Friday is music and have fun day.

Today we did a little nature walk through our backyard. I got the idea from here.

I'm grateful for such a beautiful world that reminds us of all we have to be thankful for. Sometimes the monotony of the every day is hard to get through, but these little simple pleasures are wonderful reminders. And I am very thankful for a backyard to play in and have so much beauty in! So many different colored flowers right in our own backyard.

Friday, May 10, 2013


I originally had this post titled Parenthood, but with Mother's Day this weekend and rocking my sweet girl to sleep I changed my thoughts and reflections to being a mother rather than a parent. Being a mom is hard.

Most of the time I'm just ok at it.

Some days, like this past Tuesday, I really stink at it. (A certain baby may have fallen off the couch...)

In need of my help and I take the picture first instead.

And occasionally I'm hoping my kids think I'm great at it.
Picnic at the park with mom.
But every night I get the chance to rock my sweet children to sleep and I can't help but feel so blessed to have them in my life. I have two of the sweetest angels who are patient as I'm learning, who love me unconditionally. Being a mom is overwhelming when they look at you with their perfectly trusting, beautiful, eyes. But there is nothing else I would rather do or be. This Mother's Day I'll most likely wake up at 5 or 6 because my babies love to be up early, but I will have a smile on my face because they are greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

You're My Best Friend

I did not realize how close my kids would be so quick. Ellie loves to try and play with Jack, and Jack loves to stare and watch everything Ellie does. It's even more fun to watch now that Jack is getting older because he laughs and giggles at the things Ellie does. I'm sure they will have fights every now and then as they get older, but I sure hope they keep up this bond and friendship. They are so cute together.

I need to figure out collages.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Birth Story

I'm a little hesitant putting this post up, 5 months late..., but these are pictures not anywhere else, and oh well it's my blog so I can be forever late with posts. It's nice to reminisce. I'm so glad I have these pictures because it reminds me at one point my baby was just a small little baby.

Jackson Walter Walser. Born November 21, 2012, 4:33am. 7lbs 6.5oz and 20.7 inches. Healthy and perfect.

She was a bit unsure about what was going on.

First family picture.

My handsome boy.

He has grown up way too quickly. So not fair.
Short version of the birth story: On Tuesday, November 20 I had a doctor appointment and asked the doctor to strip my membranes. He had actually offered to do it the week before but I was nervous about it. I was dilated to a 3+ with like no effacement. Well it worked and I went into labor. I got tired of inconsistent contractions so at midnight we went to the hospital. I probably should've waited at home, but I wanted it over with before Thanksgiving. Stubborn. Plus my parents were in town and could watch Ellie while we were at the hospital and see the baby too. So we got to the hospital and they said I was dilated to a 4+ but my contractions weren't consistent enough. They told me to roam the halls and maybe my doctor would see me in pain and let me be admitted. It worked and around 2-2:30 I was in my room getting the epidural. I just want to note: I was in pain. I was a 7 when they checked me before getting the epidural. So yeah, just listen to the pregnant lady. Just before 4:30 I was ready to deliver. 2-3 pushes later came a handsome baby boy! Everything was so much easier than the first time. It was great! Recovery was especially wonderful. I was up moving about just a couple days later. I'm so grateful for that because I needed to keep up with Ellie and it would've been hard had recovery been like hers. I love having a boy. I feel like it is an entirely different bond and relationship with a boy than a girl, not that I don't love having my beautiful girl. It's fun to have one of both.