Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sister Sister

I love my sister! She is pretty talented and has lots of passion for the things she does. One of those many things she loves to do is make headbands. And I think know she is pretty talented at making adorable headbands for little girls (or flower clips for adults). Well, her passion for these has led her, and me (I'm the sidekick ;)), to start up her own business! So check it out: White Flower Boutique
My adorable little niece modeling one
of the many CUTE and STYLISH headbands
her mommy has made her

100 Days!

Woohoo! Hit the 100 day mark till baby arrives. Hopefully it goes by fast because just this week I've started to notice some things (like running, bending down and up repeatedly, etc) are getting just a bit more difficult.