Friday, July 13, 2012

Utah Visit

Pictures will sum up this trip well: {WARNING: Picture Overload. I did my best to narrow it down, but we just had so much fun!}
Going to the park!

One of many park trips!

These girls love the swings

Jumping contest

Hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa Walser's

Pioneer cousins

Adorable baby Jacob! He's so sweet, he's my favorite.

Play area at City Creek mall

Ellie playing with Uncle Kody and Grandma Walser

AJ and Lauren

Nate and Steph

Grandma and Grandpa Morris

Jensen family!

Adorable brother and sister :)

Ellie with her cousins, Katelyn and Jacob

Matt was unable to make this trip, and the plane rides were a little rough for a very mobile almost 1 year old, but we had a blast with both sets of family! A big Thank You to both sets of grandparents for chauffeuring us, feeding us, playing with us, and putting up with us! :)

Visitors and Mother's Day

I must say, I got spoiled for Mother's day. Not necessarily in the gift arena, but in the fact I really didn't do much that weekend. And that is because my 3 awesome sisters-in-law came to visit! I LOVE having visitors. I actually feel bad because this time around I wasn't the best hostess. They made me breakfast 2 of the 3 full days they were there. Helped Matt make me Mother's Day dinner. They did dishes. They watched Ellie and played with her. (Ellie was super excited to have attention from new people.) They were the ones taking a vacation, and I pretty much sat back and did nothing. Sorry about that Kari, Katrina, and Brittany! I promise next time to be better. :) But we loved having them here!
Hanging out at the pool
Mother's day morning

Cooking my Mother's day dinner :)
He really can cook! He just pretends he can't.
So blessed to be a mother of this little girl.
Pure joy.
Aunt Brittany and Ellie
Aunt Katrina and Ellie
She has such fun aunts!
I didn't get any close ups of Kari and Ellie, but have some from their most recent trip that I will post!