Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Birth Story

I'm a little hesitant putting this post up, 5 months late..., but these are pictures not anywhere else, and oh well it's my blog so I can be forever late with posts. It's nice to reminisce. I'm so glad I have these pictures because it reminds me at one point my baby was just a small little baby.

Jackson Walter Walser. Born November 21, 2012, 4:33am. 7lbs 6.5oz and 20.7 inches. Healthy and perfect.

She was a bit unsure about what was going on.

First family picture.

My handsome boy.

He has grown up way too quickly. So not fair.
Short version of the birth story: On Tuesday, November 20 I had a doctor appointment and asked the doctor to strip my membranes. He had actually offered to do it the week before but I was nervous about it. I was dilated to a 3+ with like no effacement. Well it worked and I went into labor. I got tired of inconsistent contractions so at midnight we went to the hospital. I probably should've waited at home, but I wanted it over with before Thanksgiving. Stubborn. Plus my parents were in town and could watch Ellie while we were at the hospital and see the baby too. So we got to the hospital and they said I was dilated to a 4+ but my contractions weren't consistent enough. They told me to roam the halls and maybe my doctor would see me in pain and let me be admitted. It worked and around 2-2:30 I was in my room getting the epidural. I just want to note: I was in pain. I was a 7 when they checked me before getting the epidural. So yeah, just listen to the pregnant lady. Just before 4:30 I was ready to deliver. 2-3 pushes later came a handsome baby boy! Everything was so much easier than the first time. It was great! Recovery was especially wonderful. I was up moving about just a couple days later. I'm so grateful for that because I needed to keep up with Ellie and it would've been hard had recovery been like hers. I love having a boy. I feel like it is an entirely different bond and relationship with a boy than a girl, not that I don't love having my beautiful girl. It's fun to have one of both.