Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moving on Up

Married life is great. But we don't really do a whole lot besides work, watch tv, and sleep. And the past few weekends we haven't had time to go hike or explore the outdoors. So all this means a lack of excitement, which leads to a lack of blogging.

With beard (October 2010)
BUT, this past Friday we had a chance to celebrate Matt's awesomeness. :) He moved up a level at work (a.k.a. Promotion), after just a year and a few months. I remember moving up a level at my last job; there was a great sense of accomplishment knowing I was no longer at the "Entry Level" position. Well, we headed over to our conveyor belt sushi place to celebrate. Matt LOVES sushi, and he's been wanting it for a while, so this was a great excuse to go get some.

I love this place because it reminds me of my first trip to Japan. I think it's pretty cool they have the conveyor belt sushi here in the U.S. Oh, and the names on the plates are all train lines in Tokyo. Pretty neato to me.

Also, notice in first picture of Matt, he is growing a beard. It's been about a month now since he's shaved it. He thinks it's pretty cool. (Sorry for the dark picture. I used my phone and didn't want to use flash.There was already some guy looking at me while I took the picture [see in background].)

Without beard (July 2010)