Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ellie has a Birthday!

Shout hooray! I can't believe my baby is 1 (and I can't believe I've procrastinated this post almost 2 months...). Ellie turned one on June 25th. It was fun for me reminiscing about her birth. We are so blessed to have her in our family. She does drive us a little crazy at times because she has so much energy and wants to be everywhere and into everything, but we love her and wouldn't have it any other way!

At her one year check up she weighed 22lbs (75th percentile) and was 31 inches tall (90-95th percentile). The doctor visit was not fun. She wanted out of the room by the time the doctor finally showed up. I can't imagine what the 15 month appointment will be like because she has only gotten even more stubborn and strong-willed.
8:42 am 6/25/12
8:42 am 6/25/11. She's come a long way.
Our birthday girl!
With her daddy

 I think that last series of pictures summed up how she felt about birthday cake. She cried - maybe because of all the attention? Bit Matt's finger when he tried to give her frosting. And just could've cared less about the cake. I never thought we would get that reaction! Normally she has a sweet tooth like her parents and loves what we offer her, but not for her birthday.

My Feelings on Being a Parent to Ellie:
It's the best thing ever! It's trying and I've learned a lot, and still have much more to learn, but I love almost every moment I get to spend with this sweet little girl. Ellie is sweet and loving. She's also stubborn and impatient. She's also very smart. I'm amazed at how much she learns or notices things we do. She makes me laugh every day. She's taught me how to be even more patient than what I thought I was before. She's the greatest thing that could've happened to me and her dad. I'm grateful she's in our family and we have the chance to see her grow and develop. Many times I'm overwhelmed with the thought of teaching her all she needs to know, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Our little Ellie is the very best! We love her so much!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ellie Goes to the Museum

The Children's Museum of Phoenix is where this family of three went. I'm so behind and slow with my updating, but Ellie's FIRST birthday was already THREE weeks over a MONTH ago. (Slow down time.) For Ellie's birthday I wanted to make it something special, even if she wouldn't remember. She's my baby and I wanted her to have a good time for her special day, because she is a very special little girl. So, we had a birthday weekend celebration. The Saturday before her birthday (her birthday was on a Monday) we took her to eat some Italian pizza and to play at the Children's Museum of Phoenix. Mom and Dad loved the Italian place (Bianco's Pizzeria), and definitely recommend it. Unfortunately this was the most difficult time we've ever had with Ellie while eating out. She did not want to sit still and eat; she just wanted to be outside playing. So we got it boxed up and left and ate outside. Then we headed over to the museum. I think she was a bit over overwhelmed with all that was going on there, but she ended up loving it; especially when we took her to the "Under 3" area.

The museum was fantastic! I can't wait to take her back in the future. We just might have to buy a membership so we can go often.