Monday, September 26, 2011

All I Want For Christmas...

Is a NAP!

Every year my family and Matt's family rotate names for gifts. This year I'm planning on asking for 4 hours of babysitting from whoever (whomever?) gets my name! All they have to do is take the baby outside of the house so I can't hear her peep. Ahh, I can't wait! :)

*NOTE: Ellie isn't that bad at night. She just wakes to feed one or two times before 6 in the morning. And I'm not very good if I don't get a 7-8 hour block of sleep. Those 15-30 minute interruptions are no good.*

Month Three

Another month has come and gone. Time is going too fast for me. I was watching a video of miss Ellie doing tummy time at just 2 weeks old and it makes me sad seeing how quickly she's grown in just a couple of months. But I love her more and more each day and she is as cute as can be!

She's as curious as ever with all that is going on around her. She's learning to roll, and can make it from her belly to her back probably 50% of the time. Other than that not much has changed since month two update.