Monday, March 11, 2013

The Rest of 2012

I don't have time, and maybe I'm lacking the desire as well, to make a post about each thing that happened at the end of 2012, so here's a summary of the events!

August 2012:
Cruise to Mexico with Morris family! Every trip with my family is a blast and lots of fun. This was definitely amongst the favorites.

We went to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We got to do different excursions at each location, ate lots of delicious food, played games, and just had fun spending time together as a family. I love my family! :)

Matt celebrated his birthday and we got a teenage babysitter for Ellie for the very first time! She actually did really well while we were gone.

September 2012:
We got a visit from Matt's friend Evan and his family. We love having visitors so it was nice to see friends!
10+ years of being friends, and this is where they're at now :)
 Ellie and I spent lots of time at the park, swimming, and play dates with people in the ward.

And in September she finally started to say words! Dada was probably her first official word. Then ball, and they kind of just started tumbling from her mouth after that. :)

And Matt started back up with his Masters program.

October 2012:
We went to a local farm, Schnepf Farms, to do a little Fall/Halloween celebrating.
Ellie's favorite part
For Halloween we went to our ward's Trunk or Treat party. I made Ellie a cupcake costume; she wasn't that interested in wearing it. But she did for a bit to get candy. She thought it was lots of fun getting candy, and everyone thought she was adorable as she signed "thank you" back.
She got to help pass out candy Halloween night (our neighborhood has tons of kids that come through! the neighbors go all out for Halloween; it was a lot of fun!), and she loved putting candy in each kids bag!

The middle of October we went to Utah. We did the whole 10 hours the way up. Never again, at least while pregnant. It was terrible. And Matt took a pill to help him stay awake the whole time, he was messed up the whole weekend we were there. I forgot to take any pictures unfortunately! But we had a lot of fun visiting with Matt's family.

November 2012:
Our newest member joined our family! Jackson Walter Walser was born November 21, 2012. I'll do his birth story in the next post. It was wonderful to finally meet our sweet little boy! My parents and brothers were here and able to meet him. We didn't really get to have Thanksgiving unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed, but for a sweet baby boy I would say it was worth it.

December 2012:
We went to California to spend Christmas with my family. We had lots of fun! We went to the San Diego Zoo and Lego Land. Unfortunately my sister and her family got sick, but it was nice to spend time together. This Christmas made me really appreciate family and the knowledge of the gospel so much more. My little nephew Jacob had pneumonia and had to go to the hospital Christmas night. As I was taking care of his sister, while my sister and brother-in-law were gone, I was very grateful to be with family and have the priesthood available. Thankfully Jacob ended up getting taken care of and better health!

We ended the year with family coming for Jack's baby blessing!

2012 was a wonderful year! We were so blessed and couldn't be more grateful for all the wonderful things that have come our way. We are especially grateful for our family and their love and support with all that we do!