Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fantasy Football

This is a post for the hubby. Besides work, school, and spending time with Miss E and me, he was part of a fantasy football league the end of last year. He spent many hours a few hours (it seemed like a lot...) studying games and players. But it all paid off, because he won! And this year his league got a trophy that they will pass around each year to the new winner. He's pretty excited to take it to work and show it off.

Ellie thinks it's pretty great too. :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Month 5-7

I haven't updated about Ellie in a while because we've been busy due to the holidays and moving! So here is her brief update!

Over Thanksgiving break Ellie turned 5 months old! Between months 5 and 6 she:
-started splashing in the tub! I had been teaching her this for a while, but then regretted it the first time she did it because I was soaking by the end.
-she finally rolled from her back to her tummy! So now she rolls in complete circles.
-she started to clap! It's the cutest thing to see her clapping :)
-she started moving from a sitting position to her hands and knees. She's gotten much better at this in this past month.
I love this picture! Makes me smile.
On Christmas day Ellie was 6 months old! I cannot believe 6 months has already flown by since our precious little girl entered this world. She makes us so happy. And makes me laugh almost every day! This Wednesday (Jan. 25th) she'll be 7 months old. Between 6 and 7 months she:
-started teething! She has her two bottom teeth. I'm thinking she might be working on a third now too.
-she is very good at moving from a sitting position to hands and knees and back to a sitting position. I love it because if she falls over she can get to the position she wants to be in on her own now!
-she loves standing! She likes us helping her to a standing position and she tries so hard to stand on her own. She doesn't quite crawl, but can get all over the room on her own. She will go to hands and knees, then kind of rock, then fall to her belly and reach for something, then move back to a sitting position and surprisingly have moved quite a distance. I originally wrote this last night, Sunday. As of this morning, Monday, she crawls! It's so funny how it just happens all of the sudden! I love it! It is a joy to watch her be mobile!

Christmas Day - 6 months old
This past Wednesday we had her 6 month appointment. Her stats are: Weight = 17lbs 11oz (75th percentile) and Length = 28.25 inches (above 95th percentile!). She suddenly grew a ton as far as height! She got shots too and cried the loudest I've ever heard her cry, but she did SO well after once she had a bottle. I was very proud of her. We love our little Ellie so much! She has such a fun personality!
Just about 7 months

Sunday, January 8, 2012


At the end of October baby E and I were able to accompany Matt on his business trip to Oklahoma! Which just so happens to be where my sister lives with her family!

Ellie and I had lots of fun spending time with Aunt Dana and cousin Kate: 
Dressed up for Halloween. Katelyn loved squeezing Ellie's round cheeks!

Lunch at the park
Ellie's first time going down a slide!

Katelyn LOVES parks!
   Eating Rice Cereal

We started her early on solids; but only because she was sleeping so terribly at night while we were in the hotel (waking every two hours, sometimes every hour) I was going crazy willing to try anything to get her to sleep better. It didn't help much, but she did like being able to eat like us!
First time swimming!
She was very calm while in the water, so I'm assuming she liked it!
It was a lot of fun watching these two cute cousins interacting. You know the song from the Little Mermaid "Part of Your World"? I felt like Ellie was saying that as she would stare and watch Katelyn run around. And then it was funny when cousin K wanted to be the one doing what baby E was doing. Such as to be without pants, or take a bath. Ellie would occasionally make Katelyn laugh, but Katelyn did a great job making Ellie giggle! These two were so cute together. I sure do love them both!

    Baby Shower!

I have several more photos, but I'll stop here. It was a great trip! We want to give a special thank you to Dana for picking me and Ellie up everyday from the hotel so we could hang out with her! And also a thank you to Nick and Dana for opening their home to us. The three weeks went by so quickly. I wish we could do it again!