Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's A...

Yesterday was the big day to find out what if our little baby is a girl or a boy. We both were pretty certain it was a boy. We had convinced ourselves of that. Well, we were wrong.

It's a GIRL!

We definitely got surprised since we had thought otherwise, but we couldn't be happier! Matt was maybe slightly disappointed, but he says that's only because he's already wrapped around one girl's finger, he doesn't know if he can handle being wrapped around two. :) (I think he says these sweet things just so I can brag about him to everyone ;))

I'm hesitant to put this up, but here is my pregnancy progression as of last week (20 weeks):

Yesterday was also my 25th (yes, I'm getting old!) birthday! My sweet husband took me shopping. I then made a cake with the help of one of my good friends. The inside was colored pink, but I couldn't get a very good picture of that. (For my first time decorating a cake, it was alright. I definitely need some more practice!) Our friends also gave us our first baby items! I must say, it was a little weird realizing these clothes were for us...to keep...and use. :)

I'm not sure why blogger is rotating this picture.

We're excited for the next 4.5 months to hurry on by. Last night the hubby said, "is it bad that I just want this to be all over with?" He's even started suggesting names. I knew he was more excited than he let on. ;)