Friday, June 29, 2012


So, I realized I never blogged about Christmas break, but I'm not going to back track and do that. And really one of the most exciting parts about the break was my little (not so little) brother Nathan got married! And the reason I'm blogging about this now is because my other "not so little" brother A.J. got married in April! And I want to post a couple of pictures from both of their weddings. I am so proud of them marrying great girls and getting married in the temple. It was wonderful to attend both of their weddings and be there to support them. Dana and I are happy to have two new sisters! We are so happy for my brothers and their wonderful brides. We wish them a happy eternity together!

Nate's wedding:
The beautiful, happy couple!

My happy little brother all grown up!

My brothers

Ellie with her uncle Nathan :)

Cute cousins :)
 A.J.'s wedding:
The beautiful, happy couple!

Hubby and baby
Lauren wrote a song for AJ and sang to him at the reception; so beautiful!
The last Morris to get married, way down the road.

My adorable nephew

Ellie with her uncle AJ

Friday, June 8, 2012


Yes, I stole this idea from Pinterest. Credit to Emily Davis for the photoshop edit.
I have 2 or 3 posts I want to put up (I've been a blogging slacker lately and choose to read instead), BUT first decided to insert this brief announcement brought to you by the Walser clan:

Baby #2 coming the end of November!

And we're all excited, even Ellie who doesn't look it in the picture. ;) (It's hard getting her to smile when no one is behind the camera :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

True Love

This year for Easter, Grandma and Grandpa Morris sent Ellie a basket of goodies.

She got some of the loose candy and started eating the wrapping. And then I had to be the bad guy and take it away. (Her sad face and tears breaks my heart.)
Anyway, since the basket was taken care of I decided I didn't need to do anything else for Easter besides an Easter dress. But as we were at the mall the Saturday before Easter I decided I wanted to give her a teddy bear. So we went to Build-A-Bear on got her a teddy bear. Well, I did not expect Ellie to love her teddy bear, Rupert (Matt named him and she knows him by that name), so quickly.

Sometimes she has to have Rupert with her as she eats.

Kisses for Rupert
She likes to cuddle with him at night.
My sister-in-law texted me this picture. She's made messes and left him there to take the blame.
 Wrestling with Rupert. Just like her daddy does with her.

This is probably one of our best baby purchases in my opinion :) Also, if anyone has any tips for hand cleaning a stuffed animal, I'd appreciate it!