Sunday, October 6, 2013

365 Days of Toddler Style: Day 7-15

I haven't given up! I just haven't had the chance to sit and get on the blog. So here is a dump of posts with the little girl's outfits for days 7-15.

Day7: My baking help
 Fedora: Target
 Shirt: Target
 Leggings: "hand-me" downs
 Shoes: Target (she needs new shoes, right?)

Day 8:
 Shirt: Target
 Shorts: Target (Obviously we love Target)
 Scarf I was in the process of making her: from an old t-shirt of mine.
She was crying because she got frustrated trying to put a hat on.

Day 9: 
 Shirt: gift (I believe from Walmart)
 Skirt: Pick Your Plum

Day 10: This has got to be one of my favorite outfits. She calls these her "running clothes". She loves to be just like me. :)
 Headband: one of her mama's
 Shirt: gift (I believe it's from Walmart)
 Skirt: She loves wearing stuff days in a row :)

Day 11:
 Shirt: Target
 Leggings that are too small: Walmart

Day 12: This was the best picture I got of her, ha. She doesn't always like the camera.
 Sweater: Old Navy
 St. Patrick's Day dress: Walmart
 4th of July skirt: Walmart
 Socks and shoes: Target

I love her eyes!
 Day 13: The one and only picture I got of her this day.
  Jacket: Down East Basics (gift)

 Day 14: I love her colorful outfits!
 Beanie: made by a friend (here)
 Shirt: Target
 Skirt: Pick Your Plum

Day 15:
 Shirt: Target
 Leggings: "Hand-me" down

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