Friday, October 4, 2013

365 Days of Toddler Style: Day 4

Didn't get my post up yesterday! But I did take the picture. It was a lovely morning at the park! I absolutely love this time of year. All summer long we have been going bright and early to the park to beat the heat, but it was still pretty warm. Now when we go, still early because my kids are early birds, it feels wonderful. Best Fall weather around.

I actually was pleased to see what E
 picked out yesterday. Other than the bright red socks and shoes, I think she did well. A little belt would've really helped to seal the deal. I especially love the jeggings on this girl (picked out by her daddy).

Dress (that is now too short but she loves to still wear it): gift for St Patrick's day, I believe it's from Walmart
Jeggings: Target
Socks and Shoes: Target

Sorry about the noise (graininess) in the pictures. I've been trying to improve my skills and didn't realize how grainy they looked till I got home.

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