Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lions, Tigers, and Bears! Oh My!

Miss E: "Do bears go potty in the forest?"
Me: "Yes."
E: "Do lions and tigers go potty in the forest?"
Me: "They don't live in the forest. They live in a place called the prairies (I realize I was wrong in my response, now.). It's a grassy type of land. And that's where they go potty."
E: "Why do lions and tigers eat us?"
Me: "Because they think we are like zebras."
E: "Do they eat hair?"
Me: "Maybe. Do you like to eat hair?"
E: "No."
Me: "So maybe they don't like it either."
E: "Do they eat necklaces?"
Me: "No."
E: "Why?"
Me: "Because it's not meat. They like things with meat, like zebras, cows, and chickens."
E: "Do lions and tigers eat bears?"
Me: "I don't think so. They don't live in the same place, so I don't think that would happen."
E: "What does Sven (Frozen character) eat?"
Me: "Grass."
E: "Do lions, tigers, and bears eat Sven?"
Me: "Umm... Yes."
E: "Why?"
Me: "He's a deer; that's a type of animal they like to eat."

And then I finally cut off the conversation, because she was supposed to be asleep, I had simply stopped by her room to see if she was asleep. All of this because she was looking at her map of the zoo. 

At around 2 1/2 years old I survived the "why" stage. It was particularly difficult for me. Hopefully I can survive this inquisitive toddler stage. My parents claim I was the same way. :)


Nick & Dana said...

Hahah love that girl!!!!

Dana J. said...

Need more posts girl!!!